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A new concept in both form and function highlights the potential to bring quality, cost effective LED lighting to general industrial and commercial applications.

The system utilises the latest optical and electrical design to provide for significantly reduced energy consumption and provides multiple light distributions for many applications.

Designed, value engineered and manufactured in Australia

  • 70 rated for >60,000 hours @ 25°C  ambient

  • 5 year full performance warranty

  • Efficiency is >90% and weight is <5kg

  • Precision optics for low, medium and high mounting heights

  • Very compact size: Length 300 x Width 151 x Height 120mm

  • Circuit energy consumption 151W - around 18,000 luminaire lumens.

  • Module self protection technology

  • Suitable for chiller and freezer areas (depending on specification)

  • IP54 option for moisture and dusty areas



Manufactured in Australia using high performance components to create a sophisticated luminaire perfectly suitable for it's commercial function

The heasink is precision pressure diecast aluminium, designed to remove sufficient heat via the thermal interface material to allow the unit to operate at high ambient temperatures.

Custom made MPCB's are the backbone of the unit's design to allow maximum flexibility in optical freedom to create lighting distributions as required.

LED's are Lumileds Luxeon M type - an illumination grade multi-die LED designed to enable outdoor and industrial applications targeting high efficiency.

The driver is manufactured by Inventronics, which is a Sino-US world class enterprise specializing in the design and manufacture of LED drivers to the global market.

Precision injection moulded individual optics for each LED, allow for accurate construction of the light distribution. This creates extremely high output with little wasted light.


No cover lens required!

Traditionally, luminaires have used covers over light sources in case of breakage and protection against dust and moisture. With the advent of LED's this has changed, as it is not a normal event for the LED to break or shatter.

The environment will determine whether or not dust and moisture is an issue. The use of a cover over the whole luminaire will still collect dust if it is present in the atmosphere.

Additionally, the use of any cover will reduce the amount of light exiting the fixture - clear glass or acrylic will remove about 10% of light, which means more lights to achieve the required lighting level outcome.

As with all aspects of the NX9 module, the size of individual components has reduced. This allows for each LED to use it's own optic. Each source directs it's own light and is protected by it's own sealed optic.

The tape used is a double-sided foam bonding tape. This tape is specifically selected for this application. The foam is a polyurethane (PU) material. There is an strong acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive coating on both sides.
These tapes have been manufactured for over twenty years during which time no justified complaints of premature ageing have been received.



Available in four different distribution patterns for multiple applications.


All renderings show a single luminaire mounted at 10 metres, positioned horizontally to the ground

Laboratory (NATA) approved photometrics in IES and LDT format are available on request to assist in design calculations.

We also offer a design service to help you provide the best outcome for your project.


Lighting  control  systems are able to incorporate intelligence to allow not only reduction of energy but also autonomous operation and protection for the luminaire itself to prevent failure or malfunction.

All NX9 module drivers incorporate the following features to protect the system itself:

  • Over Voltage Protection

  • Short Circuit Protection

  • Over Temperature Protection

  • Unit casing of the driver complies with IP67 rating

In addition to the module protection, lighting systems can achieve significant reduction of energy  through  use  of  occupancy  sensor,  timer,  day-light  sensors, dimming etc.

Multiple options are now available for smarter control and can be added to the system as required on a project basis.


The NX9 module can be suspended by chains or hooks when required for highbay applications

Trunnion (T)

Surface (S)

Enclosed (E)

Suspended (SK)

Recessed (R)

For wall, awning or pole mounting, the NX9 module can be secured by the Trunnion bracket (T)

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Based in Sydney, Australia, Neolux designs lighting for commercial and industrial applications that are cost effective, clean, easy-to-use, and goal-oriented so that clients have a successful platform to complement their building. With many years of experience and international design awards, we create easy-to-use, fresh designs, and also help you make strategic decisions about your whole lighting solution.

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